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Plan / Life Planning

Estate planning is often looked at as "death planning", but it is really "life planning." Once you know what your needs will be for the balance of your life, you can start to plan how you want to impact the world around you at your death.

We start by working with you to get the answers to the right questions, and by determining how you would like to live for the rest of your life. You can craft a plan to benefit your children and grandchildren. You can assist charitable organizations that are committed to causes you are passionate about. You can help to assure that the companies that you created and built will continue to serve the community and prosper. The possibilities are truly endless, but all of these begin with the planning phase and an honest assessment of your situation.

Planning Is a Process

We believe that planners in general spend too much time discussing tools with a client, and, in essence, put the cart before the horse. Planning is a process, not a product. Once you have determined your goals, there is a myriad of financial tools that can be used to accomplish those goals, but these are meaningless until you have set your course and determined your desired outcome.

We have a number of strategic relationships that may assist our clients in reaching their goals, and we only use concepts that have a proven track record. There have been many planners who have used the latest and greatest planning tools, only to find that, at best, they did not live up to expectations, and, at worst, they actually harmed their clients and proved to be counter-productive. The key is to assemble a team of experts and to allow the client to play a collaborative role in the process. We do the planning with you, not at you.