Innovative Concepts

PO Box 370
South Park, PA 15129

About / Company

Innovative Concepts is a financial planning firm that specializes in the use of life insurance for estate, business, and charitable planning. We are a firm that has spent almost 30 years working in these areas, and we have had the opportunity to work with thousands of estates and hundreds of businesses. Our specialty is the art of connecting a host of resources to a client and the client's team of advisors. Through the years we have been fortunate to structure a number of relationships and strategic alliances that allow us to bring some of the country's finest advisors to the table to assist with our client's planning.

We are unique in that we secure most of our clients through a referral partnership with agents throughout the country. Our partner agents all specialize in various areas, but they do not concentrate on life insurance as a primary planning tool. We act as a wrap around for them, enhancing their practice and the client's experience, by bringing our expertise to the planning table.

Kenneth J. Bojarski, CLU: PRESIDENT
  • Manages process/relationships
  • All field activities
  • Manage and run company
  • Field underwriting
Pamela Roman: Director of Field Activity
  • Client services
  • Calendar and field activities
  • Illustrations
  • Field materials
  • Field underwriting assistant
Christopher J. Bojarski: Director of IT
  • CRM/Database
  • Website
  • Design/Creation/Support
Mark Ziebold: Legal Counsel
  • Client documentation
  • Lending review
  • Documentation review
  • Firm counsel
Kevin McQuillan, CPA: Financial Counsel
  • Review tax returns
  • Advises on business documentation
  • Facilitates business arrangements
Brian Simmons, CFP: Trust Services
  • Trust officer
  • Advisor for trust utilization
  • Asset protection specialist
Steve Goldstein: IT Support
  • Design and maintain lending software
  • Software services to lenders
James Bouchard: Lending Advisor
  • Lender relationship
  • Loan/Bank shopping
  • New lender relationships
Mark Dombroski, LUTCF, CFE: Life Marketer
  • Carrier relations
  • Concept review
  • Case consultation
  • Case management
Alan D. Roman, JDLLM, CLU, ChFC: Legal Concept Review
  • Concept review
  • Carrier relations
  • Case consultation
John Hamilton: Underwriter
  • Underwriting review
  • Case consultation
James Tolleson: Illustration Specialist
  • Back-up Illustration Generator
  • Concept consultation & review
Allegiance Marketing Group: Brokerage
  • Licensing of associates
  • Compliance review
  • Partner relations
  • Education
  • Partner introductions